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You can disable Similarity Report generation if you only want to use other features such as GradeMark annotation or PeerMark.

In the assignment optional settings, configure the following settings:

  1. Submission settings: From the drop-down list, select Do not store the submitted papers (in Turnitin’s paper repository).
    This prevents your student papers from becoming part of Turnitin's student paper database.

  2. Compare against: Uncheck all the compare against options.
    The prevents the paper from being checked against the various repositories.

  3. Similarity report: From the drop-down list, select Generate reports on due date (students can resubmit until due date).
    This allows students to resubmit their papers before the due date. You can choose to disallow resubmission.

  4. Similarity report: Uncheck Allow students to view the Similarity Reports.
    For assurance, this prevents your students from viewing the similarity reports (although none should be generated because of point 2).

  5. Remember to click Submit once the options are configured.