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The Gradebook tool in LumiNUS can be used to import grades from an excel file or from assessments that you have in tools such as Quiz or Files Submission. You can also create a new graded item for assessment that is not covered by the tools in LumiNUS, for example if you want to assess and grade a presentation delivered by your students. The Gradebook tool is equipped with rubrics to help you and your fellow instructors in grading.

Note on input marks by non-NUS user

Non-NUS users do not have access to input marks even if they are added into the module as facilitators.

Other features in the Gradebook tool include an analytics that shows the statistics of the graded items. There's also ability to import grades from LumiNUS in IMMS.

While content from most tools can be added in Learning Flow, items from the Gradebook tool cannot be added in Learning Flow.

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