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Once your students start submitting their assignments, when you enter a Turnitin submission folder, you will see their names and submission link. There are several options available in this page:

  1. A search field in which you can search for submission based on student’s names or submission titles.
  2. Download button in which you can download the Grade Report, Submission List, Original Files, Standard PDFs, and GradeMark PDFs.
  3. A link to student’s submission, which you can click to view, comment, and e-annotate the submission.
  4. Each students’ submission will have their similarity report indicated under the Similarity field. Clicking on this link will also bring you to the page to view, comment, and grade the submission.
  5. An ellipsis in each of the students’ row has the option to Download and Delete the submission.
    Note: Do not delete papers if you want to request for paper removal from Turnitin's database.

Turnitin's guides: