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titleClass Teams Provisioned in NUS

To save you the hassle of adding students individually, NUS IT and CIT has provisioned 1 class team per group for NUS academic modules:

  • Lecture (L)
  • Design Lecture (D)
  • Packaged Lecture (P)
  • Seminar-Style Module Class (E)
  • Sectional Teaching (S)

It is optional for teaching staff to use Teams as an engagement tool in complement with LumiNUS, or standalone. Students will only be allowed into the team when teaching staff (i.e. team owners) activates it. The plan is to automate this process and provision class teams every semester. 

titleAnnouncement for AY2020/2021 Semester 1
NUS IT is in the midst of provisioning teams with a sustainable automated sync process. We will update the status here when your class teams are available.

Class teams for new semester are provisioned. Please login to Teams and look for the team name "2010_modulecode_classgroup". 

Student roster (members in the team) will be updated again when there are major changes after ModReg. 

titleAre lecturers of different lecture groups added into separate teams accordingly?

If it is not reflected on EduRec, all lecturers will be add to all lecture groups. 

titleMy module has multiple codes, will the students be added into the same team?

Not at the moment for the first pilot in Term 1920. You may add the students manually to the team you prefer. 

Moving forward, we will work towards merging the students from cross-listed modules in AY20/21.

titleI have multiple department IDs, which ones will be used?

We have added multiple IDs as owners to the module you teach. You may login to any of the relevant department ID accordingly to interact with the students. 

Functional IDs (e.g. ___head and ___sec) are excluded. 

titleHow long will the provisioned team be kept?

Provisioned teams will be archived and deleted after 1 year. You will be notified to download your files for backup before the archival process.