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Check your "Disk space" and try and free up some space if it is low. 
Do not convert local recording files by double-clicking the Zoom files.
Ensure you did not change the filename.
Follow the steps below to convert the files.


The one who schedule and host the session can check the Web Portal.
Click on Recordings > Cloud Recordings or Local Recordings. 

It could also be that another participant was actually recording the meeting. Could be another host or another participant that you had granted permission to record. If this is the case, then it will record to their computer.

titleztsencoderconvert using ztscoder
  1. Right click on the click_to_convert_01.zoom file.
  2. Select "Open With"
  3. Click "More Options"
  4. Click "Chose Another App from This PC" Choose " This PC" on the left navigation
  5. Search for zTscoder.exe on the PC
    Select ztscoder, click Open.
    It will Start Converting.

    titleif you do not have ztscoder, download it here

    Download the file:

    titleIf you don't see AppData, Show hidden files
    • Open File Explorer from the taskbar. 

    • Select View > Options Change folder and search options.

    • Select the View tab and, in Advanced settings, select Show hidden files, folders, and drives and OK.