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There are three submission methods for Turnitin in NUS.

You are encouraged to use the LumiNUS integration for submission, unless you have special circumstances.

LumiNUS Files
  • No account creation needed, use NUSNET ID.
  • Easy to set up.
  • LumiNUS Module Owners and Managers can view student submissions.
  • GradeMark and PeerMark available.
  • No revision assignment or reflection assignment.
  • No Quick Submit.
  • LumiNUS Read Managers cannot view student submissions.
  • Revision assignment and reflection assignments available.
  • Bulk upload available (if you are submitting on behalf of your students).
  • No NUSNET login.
  • Instructors and students must learn Turnitin interface.
  • TA set up (if you want to give TAs access) is cumbersome and limited:
    • TAs can only view papers in their class section.
    • Each class section can have only one TA.
    • Set up for TA access must be done before any assignments are submitted.
Quick Submit (within Turnitin)
  • Simple to use.
  • Easy for ad hoc submissions to check selected papers.
  • No opt-out of paper submission to Turnitin's student database.
  • Not meant for large number of papers.
  • Not designed for advanced assignment types.
  • Not meant for staff to check their own work. Please use iThenticate instead.