Turnitin submission folders have settings, which apply to the Turnitin submission folder only.

The Turnitin settings are separate from the LumiNUS open/close and permissions settings.

The LumiNUS open/close and permissions settings apply to all folders, whether they are Turnitin folders or not.


Enter the Turnitin submission folder

In Files, click the Turnitin submission folder for which you want to configure the settings.

Enter Settings

In the Turnitin submission folder, click Settings on the top right.

If you see an error message, ignore it. Click the cross on the top right to dismiss it.

Configure basic settings

  1. You can leave Max Grade as 100. We advise against using Turnitin for storing marks. Please use LumiNUS Gradebook instead. Your ability to e-annotate Turnitin assignments is not affected.
  2. The Start Date, Due Date and Feedback Release Date are greyed out. They can be configured in the LumiNUS folder settings.

    The Feedback Release Date is the date that students can view your e-annotations on their submissions.

    If you want to configure the Feedback Release Date, access the folder settings, toggle Set Feedback Release Date for Turnitin Folder to Yes, then enter the desired date and Save.

  3. Check if you want to enable PeerMark. More about PeerMark on Turnitin's help site.
  4. Expand for Optional Settings, which control important settings for the Turnitin submission folder.

Configure Optional Settings

There are many optional settings that are available. You can read about all the optional settings on Turnitin's help site.

This guide will highlight some settings with important implications.

Remember to click Submit at the bottom of the optional settings once you are done. The settings are not auto-saved.

Submission settings

There are several options for Submit papers to. In most cases, you should leave it as Standard paper repository.

If you intend for the students to submit drafts, and you have a separate Turnitin submission folder for the final submission, you should change Submit papers to Do not store the submitted papers. This is so that the drafts are not compared to the final submissions.

Generally, you will leave Allow submission of any file type unchecked. If you check this option, students can submit non-textual files, which will not be subject to similarity checking.

Compare against

These settings allow you to choose which repositories your students' work will be checked against. Generally, you will check all four.

If you want to use Turnitin for e-annotation only (i.e. you are not using Turnitin to check for similarity), you can deselect all the repositories. In this case, you will also want to change Submit papers to Do not store the submitted papers (refer to Submission settings above).

Similarity Report

There are three options for Generate Similarity Reports for student submission.

Most users will choose Generate reports immediately (students can resubmit until due date): After 3 resubmissions, reports generate after 24 hours.

If you do not want to allow resubmission, choose Generate reports immediately (students cannot resubmit).

You can also choose to Generate reports on due date (students can resubmit until due date).

Notwithstanding when the reports are generated, you can also choose whether the students can view the Similarity Report. Check Allow students to view Similarity Reports, in order for them to do so.

Additional settings

Check Save these settings for future use if all the optional settings you set are to be used for other Turnitin submission folders that you create in the future.